Teija Nissinen


  • Psychodynamic psychotherapist (ET), 2013 (Youth Psychotherapy Foundation)
  • Psychodynamic Trainer and Supervisor Training, 2017 (Youth Psychotherapy Foundation)
  • Psykologian maisteri, 2007 (Jyväskylä University)
  • MSc Psychology (by research), 2007 (Manchester Metropolitan University, England)
  • Valvira (The National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health) qualified psychologist, 2007
  • Diverse psychology and psychotherapy related courses and seminars

What is psychotherapy?

There are several forms of psychological counselling and psychotherapies, and it is recommended to familiarise oneself with them before engaging in regular sessions. Although nowadays psychotherapeutic approaches tend to have more and more in common with each another, different approaches differ in terms of the duration of treatment, the frequency of sessions, defining the individual’s difficulties, and setting the goals for treatment. More information about different psychotherapies can be found here.

The theoretical cornerstone of my work lies within psychodynamic psychotherapy, and its focus is on different stages of youth (13-25 years).